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Our Mission

Rays of Hope-Bangladesh (ROH) provide shelter, food, healthcare, education, and training to the orphan, abandoned, and destitute children. In future destitute mothers will be included in the program to make them contributing members of society.

Our Vision

Short-term goal: To provide shelter, healthcare, education, early childhood care, and nursing to orphan, abandoned, and destitute children in Bangladesh.  The project is based in Dhaka with plan to expand to other parts of the country.

Long-term goals:  We hope in the long-term to achieve the following:

Ø Establish a full-time school educating destitute children;

Ø Rehabilitate destitute mothers to facilitate their full re-entry into society;

Ø Establish a health clinic serving destitute families; &

Ø Expansion to underserved areas in Bangladesh.

Our Achievement

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